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Links to other web pages

Please find below some links which I've found useful..
Where the links are links to programs (most of the links), these are free of charge (if not specified otherwise).
Please send an e-mail if any of the links are not working or if you have some suggestions to other useful pages..
My e-mail address is: svend(atsign)
(substitute the (atsign) with @ - done to avoid spam..)

The pages linked to below open in a separate window.

Word processing, spreadsheets and other similar programs and program packages

LibreOffice LibreOffice can be downloaded from here. Great (and completely free) alternative to Microsoft Office!

I'm using this product on my PC at home (I do not have Microsoft Office installed).
Can read and write Microsoft Office formats.

Open Office Open office can be downloaded from here. Also a free alternative to Microsoft Office!

Scribus is a free alternative to Microsoft Publisher

OpenProj is a free alternative to Microsoft Project

Web browsers and e-mail

Mozilla products is a link to the English version of Firefox (web browser), Thunderbird (e-mail) and a lot of other useful tools and products. I'm using Firefox and Thunderbird daily at home.

Google Chrome is a web browser from Google

Photo editing

Home page for Gimp A good alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Might be a little bit 'heavy' for a beginner..

Picasa This is the photo album tool (and more) from Google. You can organise your photos on your harddisk, edit photos and even create photo albums on the web. Good and simple to use! (Hopefully the link leads to a site supporting your language.)

PC Tools

CCleaner and Recuva (and others).
You can use CCleaner to clean up the registry on your harddisk and some other useful functions...
Recuva is a utility you can use to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer.
I used Recuva to recover picures from a SD-card that could not be read by 'ordinary' programs.

Other programs

Stellarium is a free open source planetarium program ("look at the stars"). Versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

SourceForge a very good page with a lot of links to Open Source software.

Ubuntu is a very good Linux-based operating system (alternative to Windows). I'm using it myself on an old laptop and my experience is that it is running very well.